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Jonathan Blaine - Solutions-focused marketing management leader

Jonathan Blaine's Bio:

Jonathan Blaine always called himself a "Marketing Guy," even though one of his business cards read "Chief Marketing Officer" and he ran several departments including customer service and operations. If he had a brand and logo, perhaps that would be his slogan. Jonathan believes tha although marketing entails lots of right-brained thinking, I believe measuring ROI, finance and analytics are equally important. Just because you're now using Facebook does not mean marketing fundamentals should be discarded. Customers' wants, needs and desires do not essentially change.

During the past couple of years, Jonathan validated his extensive on-the-job experience gained throughout his successful career by attaining his leadership-focused MBA in Management and Strategy to accompany his Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management.

VP? Director? Great Guru? Whatever you want to call him, he says "I'm a 'right-brained analytical' guy, if there is such a thing, who looks at a project several different ways, but my first instinct is usually the correct one. I control the P&L and know budgeting is very important. I come in under budget on projects and most often with good, cost-effective results."

Jonathan is also a huge believer in that the brand should never outweigh the message, and that art should never win over copy. The mix has to be “just right.” And continually tested.

He has comprehensive expertise in advertising, direct marketing, social media, retention & loyalty, internal communications and training, consumer, business and agency relations, creation of marketing campaigns, competitive analysis and change management.


Driving revenue! Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Direct Marketing, Search Engine Marketing / Optimization, Social Media, Business & Marketing Plans & Budgets.

And, besides knowing every rule in hockey... Campaign creation, competitive analysis, Integrated Marketing, Vendor / Agency management, Print, Broadcast & Web advertising, consumer and media relations, branding, image and competitive positioning, Customer Relationship and Database Marketing, brand strategies, and much more.

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Marketing, racquetball, environment, hockey

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